Ministry of Cards

We believe that greeting cards are a personal expression, a tool for communication, and a means for building and strengthening relationships. We also believe that Christian greeting cards in particular are something more; they are a ministry!

It is our purpose at DaySpring not only to create cards with quality art design, but also to create cards with a message. This message does something more than convey the thoughts of the sender; it conveys the light and the love that are found in Jesus Christ. We desire that DaySpring cards express the love that flows from God’s heart into our hearts and out to the hearts of others.

What's the Difference

Greeting cards are still one of the most welcomed forms of communication today.

Few people can resist the excitement and anticipation that comes with receiving a hand-written envelope and card in the mail. That’s because the sharing of a greeting card opens a little window in a person’s heart — both of the sender and the receiver.

That open window is the reason DaySpring Christian greeting cards are so different — and can have such a powerful impact — even more than other greeting cards. That’s because DaySpring cards always combine Scripture along with a caring sentiment. This combination allows you to convey God’s Word along with your own, personal message. Each Scripture in a DaySpring card speaks words of life that the Holy Spirit uses to apply to an individual’s need. When you send a card with God’s Word, you can be confident He will use it in a powerful and meaningful way.

The seed is the Word of God.

LUKE 8:11

Reasons to Start a Card Ministry

Express Your Heart

Care that is felt, and then expressed, is like fruit from the vine that delights the heart, nourishes the spirit, and brings needed strength to the soul. Sending a greeting card that expresses the thoughts of your heart for a friend or loved one is a tangible way of showing your care. When you sign your name to a card you are saying, “Here is what is in my heart for you. Please receive it as something I truly want you to know and hear.” When you send a card you are really sending a little part of yourself.

Express God's Heart

A Christian card not only gives you the opportunity of expressing your heart, it also gives you the wonderful opportunity of expressing God’s heart. It tells the receiver that you care, and that God cares too. Many Christian cards contain a passage of Scripture somewhere in the design. The powerful connection between sentiment and Scripture in a Christian greeting card has the potential of making an eternal difference in someone’s life, and provides the basis for true hope and encouragement.


Few things can light up a face like the arrival of a greeting card. A greeting card is one of the most welcomed forms of communication. It allows you to convey heartfelt emotions, in a non-threatening way, through a universally accepted medium. One of the benefits of sending a card is that the message is quickly grasped and easily understood. It creates a doorway into someone’s heart that may not be opened in any other way.

Convenience and Cost

A low cost way to make someone feel priceless - that’s the luxury a greeting card affords. It’s easy to put off writing personal letters because of the time you’ll need to invest to get it done. On the other hand, it’s time-saving and convenient to add a short, personal message at the bottom of an already warm, encouraging, or humorous sentiment. The difference you’ll be making in someone’s day is worth far more than the small amount of time and money you’ve spent!


Today, greeting cards have found a place among our best-loved keepsakes. Our world is fast-paced and sometimes cold. When we send someone a note or a card, the receiver puts a greater value on it than ever before. A card reminds them that someone cares about what they’re going through...someone loves them...God loves them. They’re likely to slip a card into a file or an “encouragement box” to be read again and again. No matter how a card has aged, the message remains timeless, and the care expressed is fondly remembered and appreciated.

Ministry Opportunities

The most important reason to choose a Christian greeting card is for its ministry value. A Christian greeting card allows you to plant seeds of truth along with a caring, personal message. Beyond any care that we can express in word or in deed, God’s pure love penetrates the heart in ways we aren’t able to comprehend. Each Scripture in a card speaks words of life which the Holy Spirit takes and applies to an individual’s need. When we care enough to send a card that carries God’s word, we can confidently pray that God will use it to accomplish His will.